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    nickel welding wire 1.4591 alloy 33
    • nickel welding wire 1.4591 alloy 33

    Welding wire 1.4591 alloy 33 welding rods Ø1-1.2mm R20033

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    Length tolerance can be up to +/-2%


    Alloy 33 is a relatively new chromium-based austenitic corrosion protection material. R20030 has exceptional resistance to highly oxidizing environments. The corrosion resistance is increased by the addition of molybdenum and copper.

    Under solution annealing conditions, the high nitrogen content (approx. 0.4%) leads to a slight granularity, which gives the material a high yield point and excellent toughness.

    Typical applications for grade 1.4591 include heat exchangers, vessels, tubes and other equipment for sulfuric acid plants, sulfuric acid recovery and distribution systems, nitric acid pickling plants, seawater systems, salt and caustic evaporation plants, plate or tube heat exchangers using brackish or seawater as a coolant, and lightweight structures in the offshore industry.

    Alloy 33 is welded by gas tungsten arc welding using matched filler, plasma arc welding and laser welding. The mechanical properties of a suitable weld metal compare favorably with the mechanical properties of the base metal.

    Properties of the material 1.4591:

    • Excellent resistance to pitting corrosion in media containing chloride
    • high strength and high ductility at high temperatures
    • good workability and welding properties

    Main application of the material 1.4591:

    • Pipes and heat exchangers for sulfuric acid contaminated with chlorides
    • Components for the pulp and paper industry
    • Reactors and piping for fiber pure terephthalic acid plants
    • Heat recovery and distribution systems in sulfuric acid production

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    Technical specifications:

    Brand: auremo
    Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: welding wire, welding rods
    Material: nickel alloy

    Chemical composition (in %):

    C Cr no N Mn Mon feet Cu si
    max 0.015% 31.0-35.0% 0.35-0.6% 2.0% 0.5-2.0% rest 0.3-1.2% 0.5%

    Mechanical properties (room temperature):

    Tensile strength Rm N / mm² Yield strength Rp 0.2 MPa Yield strength Rp 1.0 MPa elongation A5%
    720 380 420 40
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    Data sheet

    welding wire
    Nickel alloy
    Material number
    720 N / mm²

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    nickel welding wire 1.4591 alloy 33
    Welding wire 1.4591 alloy 33 welding rods Ø1-1.2mm R20033
    VAT included