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    Acid-resistant round tube made of titanium class 5 diameter 8-15mm 3.7165 grade 5

    VAT included

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    Properties of grade 5 titanium alloy: high strength; good toughness; good hot formability and weldability; very good corrosion resistance;

    Main areas of application for grade 5 titanium alloy: plant and mechanical engineering; aerospace; ultrasonic technology; chemical industry;

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    Length tolerance +/-2mm


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    Titanium Grade 5 is a titanium alloy for the primary forming of forgings. 3.7165 is the EN designation for this material. R56400 is the UNS number. The ASTM designation is Titanium Grade 5.

    It has a relatively low density among forged titanium. It also has a moderately high heat capacity and a relatively high melting temperature.

    There are many reasons why Grade 5 is so widely used, including its exceptional strength - it is much stronger than commercial pure titanium, but has the same rigidity and thermal properties that pure titanium is known for. In addition, it is heat treatable, making it ideal for many manufacturing applications. The fact that it is easy to weld and machine, while offering high strength and corrosion resistance, explains why it is the most widely used titanium alloy in the world.

    Titanium Grade 5 also resists a range of environmental influences, including seawater, and can withstand temperatures up to almost 800°F. Other advantages include good fatigue strength, low thermal expansion, good strength-to-weight ratio and low modulus of elasticity.

    Properties of grade 5 titanium alloy:

    • high strength
    • good toughness
    • good hot formability and weldability
    • Very good corrosion resistance

    Main areas of application for grade 5 titanium alloy:

    • Plant and mechanical engineering
    • Aerospace industry
    • Ultrasonic technology
    • Chemical industry

    Online Shop Auremo endeavours to supply you with high quality titanium products. All metals undergo quality control at various stages of production. You can always buy titanium and other metals at a good price.

    Technical data:

    Brand: Auremo
    Country and region of manufacture: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: round tube
    Material: Titanium
    Material no: 3.7165
    UNS: R56400
    EN: Titanium Grade 5 (6AI-4V)
    ASTM: Ti-Grade 5 (6AI-4V)

    Chemical composition (in %):

    Fe O N Ti C V Al
    max. 0.4% 0.2% 0.05% Remainder 0.08% 3.5-4.5% 5.5-6.75%

    Mechanical properties (room temperature):

    Hardness HB 30 0.2% Yield strength Rp - N/mm2 Tensile strength Rm Elongation A5 % Modulus of elasticity kN/mm2
    310 830 895 10% 114

    Physical properties (approximate values at 20°C):

    Density g/cm3 Specific heat J/kg K Thermal conductivity W/(mK) Electrical resistance Ω-mm2/m
    4.43 560 7.1 1.71
    Titan, Grade 5, Rohr, 3.7165

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    Acid-resistant round tube made of titanium class 5 diameter 8-15mm 3.7165 grade 5
    VAT included