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    • nickel wire 2.4669 alloy X-750

    Welding wire 2.4669 alloy X-750 Welding rods Ø1.5-2.5mm N07750

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    Length tolerance can be up to +/-2%


    Inconel® X-750 is classified as a structural heat resistant alloy composition of nickel-chromium-niobium with minimal titanium and aluminum additions.

    Inconel® 750 is similar in quality and properties to Inconel® 600, but has increased strength and heat resistance thanks to aluminum and titanium additions. The material is characterized by high corrosion resistance at high temperatures, does not oxidize at low temperatures and is resistant to mechanical stress.

    The alloy is widely used as a wear-resistant, heat-resistant and non-corrosive coating for the manufacture of aircraft engine parts, e.g. B. Compressor blades, springs, fasteners. It is actively used in the manufacture of elements and parts of nuclear reactors, gas turbines and jet engines. It is practically indispensable in the manufacture of pressure vessels and heat treatment equipment.

    Properties of the material 2.4669:

    • high tensile strength at 600°C
    • high oxidation resistance at 980°C
    • excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures
    • good corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures
    • good weldability

    Main application of the material 2.4669:

    • industrial and aircraft turbines
    • high pressure cylinder
    • nuclear reactor

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    Technical specifications:

    Brand: auremo
    Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: welding wire, welding rods
    Material: nickel alloy

    Chemical composition (in %):

    Cr no feet C Mn Nb co Ti Al
    up to 17% 70% 9% 0.08% 1.0% 1.2% 1.0% 2.75% 1.0%

    Mechanical properties (room temperature):

    0.2% yield strength Rp - N/mm2 Tensile strength MPa elongation A5% Modulus of elasticity kN / mm²
    630 980 8th 214

    Physical properties (room temperature):

    Density in g/cm3 Specific heat capacity J/kg K Thermal conductivity W/(mK) Electrical resistance Ω mm2/m
    8.2 430 12 1.21
    Inconel® alloy X-750 draht 2.4669
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    Data sheet

    welding wire
    Nickel alloy
    Material number
    8.2 g / cm³
    Thermal conductivity
    12 W / (m K)
    Electrical resistance
    1,21 Ω·mm2/m

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    Welding wire 2.4669 alloy X-750 Welding rods Ø1.5-2.5mm N07750
    VAT included