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    nickel welding wire 2.4155 alloy 61
    • nickel welding wire 2.4155 alloy 61

    Welding wire 2.4155 alloy 61 Welding rods Ø0.8-1.6mm N02061

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    Length tolerance can be up to +/-2%


    Welding Wire Nickel Base Material Number 2.4155 is used for joining and surfacing of pure nickel parts including LC nickel (low carbon), nickel alloys, nickel clad steels. The material is used to manufacture pressure vessels and equipment for the chemical industry. It is also used in the food and energy industries where high corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures is required.

    The weld metal is resistant to a variety of corrosive environments from mixtures of acids to alkaline solutions.

    Wire electrode made of material 2.4155 with a very low carbon content for welding pure nickel and nickel alloys as well as steel, cast iron, cast steel and copper. The alloy is also suitable for cladding and buffer layers.

    A prerequisite for a crack-free connection is the cleanliness of the workpiece in the weld seam area. Underseam protection is required for thin sheets and root welds. For V and X seams, the opening angle should be at least 70°.

    Properties of the material 2.4155:

    • excellent corrosion resistance in alkaline media;
    • good mechanical quality values;
    • good ductility in a diverse temperature range;
    • high electrical and thermal conductivity.

    Main application of the material 2.4155:

    • food production;
    • storage and transportation of phenol;
    • Production of hydrogen chloride and chlorination of hydrocarbons Electrical and electronic components;
    • Production and treatment of caustic soda.

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    Technical specifications:

    Brand: auremo
    Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: welding wire, welding rods
    Material: nickel alloy

    Chemical composition (in %):

    C Ti no si Mn Al feet
    max 0.02% 3.3% rest 0.3% 0.35% 0.2% 0.1%

    Mechanical properties (room temperature):

    Tensile strength Rm N / mm² Yield strength MPa Elongation at break A5%
    450 300 30

    Physical properties (room temperature):

    Density in g/cm3 Specific heat capacity J/kg K Modulus of elasticity GPa/td> Electrical resistance μΩ cm
    8.9 456 205 9
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    Data sheet

    welding wire
    Nickel alloy
    8.9 g / cm³
    450 N / mm²

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    nickel welding wire 2.4155 alloy 61
    Welding wire 2.4155 alloy 61 Welding rods Ø0.8-1.6mm N02061
    VAT included