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    Brass Ms58 rod Ø0.4-400mm solid material 2.0401 round material

    VAT included
    • Brass ms58 rod Ø1.5-60mm full material 2.0401 round material
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    Length tolerance +/-2mm


    High quality brass is always available at a good price in the Auremo online shop. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc combined with other metals.

    A brass round bar made of the material 2.0401 is suitable for almost all types of processing, including welding and soldering. The material 2.0401 is characterised by corrosion resistance, good ductility, long service life and wear resistance.

    The brass alloy is stronger than copper and more resistant to destruction by environmental influences. At low temperatures, the metal does not lose its ductility and remains resistant to fracture. At high temperatures, creep (slow deformation over time) is less than with copper. This property is due to the stronger recrystallisation. However, the electrical and thermal conductivity of brass is lower than that of copper.

    The melting point depends on the zinc content: As the zinc content increases, the melting point decreases. On average, it is 880 - 940 °C. Outdoors, the surface of brass oxidises and darkens, which is why it is often coated with a special protective lacquer.

    Brass rods have a relatively wide range of applications due to their properties.

    Properties of the material 2.0401:

    • excellent machinability
    • good hot working properties
    • good ductility
    • wear resistance

    Main applications for the material 2.0401:

    • Screws
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Chemical industry
    • Apparatus engineering

    In our online shop Auremo you will find different dimensions of brass round rods, also we have a large selection of stainless steel rods at good prices. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you.

    Technical data:

    Brand: Auremo
    Country and region of manufacture: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: Round bar
    Standard classifications:
    Material number: 2.0401
    EN: CuZn39Pb3
    Alloy: CW614N
    DIN: Ms58

    Chemical composition (in %):

    C Zn Pb Ni Fe Sn Al Other elements
    max. 57 - 59 Rest 2.5 - 3.5% 0.3% 0.5% 0.3% 0.05% 0.2%

    Mechanical properties (guide values at 20°C):

    Hardness HB 30 0.2% Yield strength Rp - N/mm2 Tensile strength Rm Elongation A5 %
    140 460 540 12

    Physical properties (guide values at 20°C):

    Density g/cm3 Solidification range °C Thermal conductivity W/(mK) Electr. conductivity MS/m
    8.46 880 - 895 113 0.068
    Messing Stange
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    Brass Ms58 rod Ø0.4-400mm solid material 2.0401 round material
    VAT included