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    Bronze rod of 6mm CuSn7ZnPb C93200 round bar 2.1090 profile

    VAT included

    Properties of material 2.1090: pgood machinability; phigh wear resistance; pgood corrosion resistance, seawater resistant; ppoor weldability; psuitable for soft and hard soldering;

    Main applications of material 2.1090: ptool making; pmechanical engineering; pcrank and toggle lever bearings; pguide bushes, pressure rollers; ship shaft covers;

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    Length tolerance +/-3mm


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    The material 2.1090 is a distinct sliding material, which still has good emergency running properties with medium hardness.

    The material 2.1090 still has good emergency running properties and sufficient wear resistance at medium hardness. Also suitable for unhardened shafts and light edge pressure. This material has good machinability, good corrosion resistance (also in seawater), suitable for soft and hard soldering. However, this alloy is not resistant to solutions containing cyanides and halides, oxidising acids, ammoniacal solutions of higher concentrations and halogen-containing gases as well as hydrogen sulphide or sulphides.

    Bronze round bars are used in mechanics, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, water taps, this grade is perfect for the production of rings, bearings, bushings, guides, erosion plates, nuts, screws, gears, washers, etc.

    Properties of the material 2.1090:

    • good machinability
    • high wear resistance
    • good corrosion resistance, sea water resistant
    • poor weldability
    • suitable for soft and hard soldering

    Main application of the material 2.1090:

    • Toolmaking
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Crank and toggle lever bearings
    • Guide bushes, pressure rollers
    • Ship shaft covers

    In our online shop Auremo you can find many rolled bronze products in different sizes at a favourable price. The good properties of bronze, which are required in almost all areas, make this material in demand. Our online shop Auremo offers only high quality bronze round bars and after a purchase you will remain satisfied.

    Technical data:

    Brand: Auremo
    Country and region of manufacture: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Material: Bronze
    Type: Rod, Round rod
    Material no: 2.1090
    DIN: CuSn7ZnPb
    UNS: C93200

    Chemical composition (in %):

    P Cu Ni Pb Sn Zn Sb
    max. 0.1 % 81-85% 2.00% 5.0-8.0% 6.0-8.0% 2.0-5.0% 0.3%

    Physical properties (room temperature):

    Density in g/cm3 Modulus of elasticity kN/mm2 Thermal conductivity W/mK Electr. resistance Ω-mm2/m
    8.83 101 64 0.13
    Bronze, Stange, 2.1090

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    Bronze rod of 6mm CuSn7ZnPb C93200 round bar 2.1090 profile
    VAT included