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    Alloy AZ31B from 0.05 to 10mm Magnesium wire UNS M11311 Purity 95% min

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    Properties of magnesium AZ31B: low density; good specific strength; high corrosion resistance; good formability;

    Main applications for magnesium AZ31B: automotive industry; aerospace; aircraft construction; electrical engineering;

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    Length tolerance +/-3mm


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    Magnesium alloys are light and easy to machine. They are often anodised to improve corrosion resistance. Magnesium alloy AZ31B is available in various forms such as wires, sheets and bars. It is an alternative to aluminium alloys because it has a good strength-to-weight ratio. It is widely used compared to other magnesium alloys.

    The density of magnesium is one third less than that of aluminium. As an alloying addition, it improves the mechanical machining and welding properties of aluminium. These alloys are used in aircraft and automobile construction.

    The magnesium alloy AZ31B is mainly used in aerospace and general commercial applications. Magnesium is used in products that benefit from its light weight, such as car seats, luggage, laptops, cameras and power tools. It is also added to molten iron and steel to remove sulphur.

    Magnesium sulphate is sometimes used as a mordant for dyes. Magnesium hydroxide is added to plastics to make them fireproof. Magnesium oxide is used to make refractory bricks for fireplaces and stoves.

    Properties of magnesium AZ31B:

    • low density
    • good specific strength
    • high corrosion resistance
    • good formability

    Main applications for magnesium AZ31B:

    • Automotive industry
    • aerospace
    • aircraft construction
    • Electrical engineering

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    Technical data:

    Brand: Auremo
    Country and region of manufacture: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Material: Magnesium
    Type: Wire
    Alloy: AZ31B

    Chemical composition (%):

    Mg Al Zn Mn Si Cu Ca Fe Ni
    97.0 2.5-3.5 0.6-1.4 0.2 0.1 0.05 0.04 0.005 0.005

    Physical properties (room temperature):

    Density in g/cm3 Thermal conductivity W/mK
    1.77 96
    Magnesium, Draht
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    Alloy AZ31B from 0.05 to 10mm Magnesium wire UNS M11311 Purity 95% min
    VAT included