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    Spring steel rod Ø 6mm - Ø18mm grade SH C75S 0.02-1 metre

    VAT included

    Spring steel rod Ø 6mm - Ø18mm grade SH C75S 0.02-1 metre

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    The tolerance for the width and length of a sheet metal blank is +/-2mm

    Important: Sheet metal cuts are not suitable for decorative or visible areas. Cutting is done with guillotine shears. Edges sharp! Not all sheets in protective film. Surface pure industrial quality - scratches not excluded! Please enquire separately in advance - we will try to find a solution for you.


    • Production time - none. Already in stock.
    • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
    • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Please look at the faq.

    Please note: Cutting with guillotine shears. Cutting tolerance +/- 2mm.

    Spring steels in the SH category have special characteristics that make them particularly suitable for various applications in different branches of industry. The designation "SH" stands for a special alloy composition that gives the spring steel its characteristic properties.

    Thanks to their outstanding elasticity and strength, these spring steels are particularly suitable for applications that require a high load-bearing capacity and excellent resilience. This is particularly the case in the production of springs for technical devices, vehicles or machines.

    The SH grade also exhibits impressive resistance to fatigue and corrosion, which significantly extends the service life of the spring steel components. This property makes it a reliable choice in environments where materials are exposed to adverse conditions.

    The processing of SH grade spring steels is generally precise and enables the production of high-quality components with tight tolerances. The variety of these bars in terms of diameter and length allows for a wide range of applications to meet the specific requirements of each project.

    Main application for SH grade spring steel bars:

    • Marine technology;
    • Production of springs for technical equipment, vehicles or machinery;
    • shipbuilding
    • Construction industry

    Properties of SH class spring steel rods:

    • Outstanding elasticity and strength;
    • high load-bearing capacity;
    • good weldability;
    • excellent resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

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    Spring steel rod Ø 6mm - Ø18mm grade SH C75S 0.02-1 metre
    VAT included