Zinc balls Zinc metal Zn 99.9%
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    Zinc balls Zinc metal Zn 99.9%

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    Zinc balls Zinc metal Zn 99.9%

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    The tolerance for the width and length of a sheet metal blank is +/-2mm

    Important: Sheet metal cuts are not suitable for decorative or visible areas. Cutting is done with guillotine shears. Edges sharp! Not all sheets in protective film. Surface pure industrial quality - scratches not excluded! Please enquire separately in advance - we will try to find a solution for you.


    • Production time - none. Already in stock.
    • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
    • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Please look at the faq.

    Please note: Cutting with guillotine shears. Cutting tolerance +/- 2mm.

    Zinc is an easily machinable, brittle, bluish-white heavy metal. Zinc is a non-ferrous metal. Zinc has the highest coefficient of thermal expansion of all metals. At normal temperatures, zinc is quite brittle. It can be plastically deformed between 100 and 150 °C. At temperatures above 200 °C it burns to powder.

    It is easy to forge, roll and draw into wire. Zinc is added to precious metal alloys to reduce the melting range and improve the melting range and castability. In brass alloys, it increases the strength and changes the colour of the copper.

    Zinc is used as an alloying metal in brass, tombac, nickel silver or tin and aluminium alloys. When galvanising iron and steel, it serves as a corrosion protection layer. This is done by hot-dip galvanising or electrogalvanising. It is used as rolled sheet metal for the manufacture of roof coverings, gutters, buckets, bathtubs, etc. Zinc is hardly affected by pure water.

    Properties of zinc:

    • low melting point
    • brittle
    • ductile
    • corrosion resistant

    Main applications of zinc

    • industry
    • mechanical engineering
    • electrical engineering

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    Mechanical properties (room temperature):

    Modulus of elasticity GPa Compression modulus GPa Shear modulus GPa
    108 70 43

    Physical properties (room temperature):

    Density g/cm3 Melting point °C Boiling point °C Thermal conductivity W/m K Electrical conductivity MS/m
    7.14 419 907 120 16.7

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    Zinc balls Zinc metal Zn 99.9%
    VAT included