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    Pure nickel 201 tube 2.4068 nickel tube 1.1x0.35-16x1.5mm round tube

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    Properties of the material 2.4068: high ductility; good thermal conductivity; excellent corrosion resistance; good electrical and magnetic properties;

    Main application of the material 2.4068: food production; storage and transportation of phenol; Manufacture of soap and rayon; Production of fluorine and hydrogen chloride;

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    Length tolerance +/-3mm


    • Production time - 5-7 weeks.
    • Preparation for shipment - 2-3 working days.
    • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Look at the FAQ please.

    Nickel 201 is a technically pure (99.0%) nickel alloy with a low level of gas impurities. Alloy 201 has gained great popularity, which causes strict control of carbon concentration during production. In addition, products made from it are easy to process and are characterized by high dimensional accuracy, as well as high quality and smoothness of the surface.

    The material 2.4068 has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties. The mechanical properties do not decrease at low and elevated temperatures, they are resistant to corrosion in corrosive environments.

    The material is not suitable as a spring material. If there are high demands on mechanical properties, precipitation-hardenable nickel alloys such as Alloy 718 or nickel beryllium should be used.

    The material Alloy 2.4068 can be welded well with all common methods such as TIG, MIG or manual metal arc welding.

    Properties of the material 2.4068:

    • high ductility
    • good thermal conductivity
    • excellent corrosion resistance
    • good electrical and magnetic properties

    Main application of the material 2.4068:

    • food production
    • Storage and transportation of phenol
    • Manufacture of soap and artificial silk
    • Production of fluorine and hydrogen chloride

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    Technical specifications:

    Brand: auremo
    Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: tube, round tube
    Norm classifications:
    Material number.: 2.4068
    Alloy: 201
    US: N02201
    EN material designation: LC-Ni99

    Chemical composition (in %):

    C si Mn no Ti Cu feet mg
    max 0.02% 0.25% 0.35% 99% 0.1% 0.25% 0.4% 0.15%

    Mechanical properties (reference values at 20°C):

    0.2% yield strength Rp - N/mm2 Tensile strength MPa Elongation at break A5% Modulus of elasticity kN / mm²
    80 340 40 207

    Physical properties (approximate values at 20°C):

    Density g/cm3 Specific heat J/kg K Thermal conductivity W/(mK) Electrical resistance Ω mm2/m
    8.9 455 79 0.085
    Inconel 201, Rohr, 2.4068
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    Pure nickel 201 tube 2.4068 nickel tube 1.1x0.35-16x1.5mm round tube
    VAT included