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    Bar Stainless Steel From 20mm To 150mm 1.4547 UNS S31254 Round Bar Round Steel Solid Material

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    Properties of the material 1.4547: excellent corrosion resistance; very good weldability; good mechanical properties; good formability;

    Use of the material 1.4542: offshore technology and shipbuilding; Plants for the chemical industry; parts for flue gas desulfurization plants; parts for the pulp and paper industry; seawater desalination plants; water treatment plants;

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    Length tolerance +/-3mm


    Alloy 1.4547 (also called UNS S31254 and 254 SMO) is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel with exceptional corrosion resistance. The steel was developed for use in environments containing halides such as seawater, hydrochloric acid and contaminated sulfuric acid. 1.4547 material has superior resistance to uniform corrosion compared to ordinary stainless steel, especially in halogenated acids. It has a high proportion of alloying materials that give the steel exceptional resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. This stainless steel also has very good resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

    1.4547 has good weldability and the methods for welding conventional austenitic steels are used. It is slightly more sensitive to hot cracking and should be welded with low heat input.

    Avesta Welding P12 or P16 filler metal is recommended. These filler metals provide a weld with resistance to pitting corrosion. The steel can be formed both cold and hot. Due to higher strength and alloy materials, the steel is difficult to machine.

    Properties of the material 1.4547:

    • excellent corrosion resistance
    • very easy to weld
    • good mechanical properties
    • good formability

    Use of the material 1.4547:

    • offshore technology and shipbuilding
    • Plants in the chemical industry
    • parts for flue gas desulfurization plants
    • parts for the pulp and paper industry
    • seawater desalination plants
    • water treatment plants

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    Technical specifications:

    Brand: auremo
    Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
    Manufacturer number: Not applicable
    Type: Rod, Rubstabe
    Norm classifications:
    Material number: 1.4547/td>
    EN: X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7
    US: S31254
    Alloy: 254 SMO

    Chemical composition (in %):

    C si Mn Mon Cr no Cu N
    max 0.02% 0.7% 1.0% 6.0-7.0% 19.5-20.5% 17.5-18.5% 0.5-1.0% 0.18-0.25%

    Mechanical properties (reference values at 20°C):

    Hardness HB 30 0.2% yield strength Rp - N/mm2 tensile strength Rm elongation A5 % Modulus of elasticity kN/mm2
    250 300 650-850 35 200

    Physical properties (approximate values at 20°C):

    Density g/cm3 Specific heat J/kg K Thermal conductivity W/(mK) Electrical resistance Ω mm2/m
    8th 500 13 0.85
    Edelstahl, Stange, 1.4547, AISI А44
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    Bar Stainless Steel From 20mm To 150mm 1.4547 UNS S31254 Round Bar Round Steel Solid Material
    VAT included