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stainless steel

Stainless steel wire is a thin, long and flexible metal with a circular cross-section. Stainless steel wire is extremely corrosion-resistant and is able to withstand extremely high loads over a long period of time. Wire is stable at high and low temperatures.

The following features distinguish stainless steel wire:

- good corrosion resistance;

- offers good resilience;

- good flexibility;

- very stable at high and low temperatures.

Stainless steel wire is used in the following areas:

- Electrical engineering;

- furniture industry;

- food industry;

- Construction industry;

- Chemical industry;

- manufacture of springs;

- household.


Aluminum wire is a finished product made of metal aluminum by drawing. Aluminum wire is characterized by good robustness, good ductility, low weight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and durability.

Aluminum wire has the following properties:

- good robustness;

- very ductile;

- light weight;

- excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;

- good corrosion resistance;

- durable.

Aluminum wire is used:

- for welding;

- in electrical engineering;

- in construction;

- in the furniture and fittings industry;

- in mechanical engineering;

- in the food industry.


Copper wire is a thin, semi-finished product made from copper. Copper wire has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper can be processed very easily and is very flexible. In addition, copper is not susceptible to corrosion and is rustproof.

Copper wire has the following characteristics:

- excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;

- good bactericidal and processing properties;

- very elastic;

- corrosion resistant;

- durable.

Copper wire is in demand in the following areas:

- Electrical engineering;

- construction;

- furniture industry;

- jewelry making;

- Vehicle and aircraft construction.


Titanium wire is a long and thin finished product with a round cross-section made of metal titanium. Titanium wire offers excellent corrosion resistance, is light in weight and is very ductile. Wire made of titanium can be easily processed mechanically, is chemically and temperature resistant. It also has good biocompatibility.

Titanium wire is characterized by:

- excellent corrosion resistance;

- light weight;

- high ductility;

- good mechanical processing properties;

- chemically and temperature resistant;

- good biocompatibility.

The main areas of application for titanium wire are:

- Medicine;

- chemical industry;

- electroplating;

- jewelry making;

- e-cigarettes;

- Construction parts (springs).


Nickel wire is a semi-finished product made of metal nickel by drawing. Nickel wire has good temperature resistance, a high melting point, good ductility and strength, good stability in aggressive media and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Nickel wire has the following properties:

- good temperature resistance;

- high melting point;

- good ductility and strength;

- good stability in aggressive media;

- excellent resistance to corrosion.

Nickel wire is used in:

- Electrical engineering;

- Mechanical engineering;

- Vehicle construction (spark plugs);

- Electroplating.


Brass wire is a thin finished product with a circular cross-section made from a copper-zinc alloy. Brass wire is characterized by high resistance to corrosion, high ductility and wear resistance. It is easy to process mechanically, and is easy to weld and solder.

Brass wire has the following characteristics:

- high resistance to corrosion;

- high ductility and wear resistance;

- good mechanical processing properties;

- easy to weld and solder.

Brass wire is used:

- as a decoration;

- in the food industry (sieves and filters);

- in the oil industry (sieves and filters);

- as welding and soldering material.

galvanized steel

Galvanized steel wire is a long semi-finished product coated with a thin layer of zinc. Galvanizing offers good protection against rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel wire is durable, inexpensive and versatile.

Galvanized steel wire provides the following advantages:

- Protection against rust and corrosion;

- longevity;

- versatility;

- low cost.

Possible uses of galvanized steel wire:

- manufacture of barbed wire;

- various fasteners;

- as Eder.


Steel wire is a thin and long finished product with a round cross-section. Steel Wire has good processing properties, is break-proof and relatively ductile. Steel wire can be used in many ways.

Steel wire is characterized by the following features:

- good processing properties;

- high breaking strength;

- good ductility;

- versatile usability.

Steel wire is used:

- in medicine;

- for sieves and filters;

- in textile industry;

- in the manufacture of wire ropes;

- in construction;

- in mechanical engineering.

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