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In this article we would like to inform you about this type of metal product as sheet metal. You will also learn about sheets of different types of materials.

stainless steel

Stainless steel sheet is a rolled mill product made from an alloyed or unalloyed steel. Unalloyed stainless steel is free from alloying elements and consists only of iron with a low carbon content. Alloyed stainless steel is a material to which various alloying elements are added.

Stainless steel sheet is characterized by:

- good processing properties;

- good chemical and corrosion resistance;

- wide operating temperature range;

- good strength;

- Environmental friendliness;

- long durability.

Stainless steel plate is used in the following areas:

- food industry;

- Mechanical engineering;

- construction;

- Shipbuilding and offshore engineering;

- Vehicle construction;

- furniture industry;

- Environmental engineering;

- Medical and pharmaceutical technology.


Aluminum sheet is a flat product processed by rolling, consisting of aluminum or its alloys. Aluminum is one of the light metals and is considered to be base. It is the second most important metallic material after steel. This is the most common metal and the third most common element in the earth's shell.

The following features distinguish aluminum sheet:

- light weight;

- high electrical and thermal conductivity;

- good processing properties;

- good corrosion resistance;

- paramagnetism;

- non-toxicity.

The main areas of application for aluminum sheet are:

- construction;

- Vehicle construction;

- Aerospace;

- Electrical engineering;

- Food industry;

- lighting technology.


Sheet copper is a metallic semi-finished product that is manufactured by rolling and delivered in the form of plates. Copper is considered semi-precious. It is a soft metal with good malleability and toughness. Copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and belongs to the group of coin metals.

Copper sheets have the following properties:

- excellent corrosion resistance;

- good malleability and toughness;

- good conductor of electricity and heat;

- good processing properties;

- bactericidal properties.

Copper sheet is used:

- for gutters and downpipes;

- as exterior wall cladding;

- in mechanical engineering;

- when covering roof surfaces and roof drainage;

- as decorative elements;

- in heating and air conditioning systems.


Titanium sheet is a thinly rolled semi-finished product made from the metal titanium in the form of a rectangular sheet. Titanium is characterized by good ductility and excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature. Titanium is one of the light metals and is therefore lightweight.

Titanium sheets have the following properties:

- light weight;

- good ductility;

- excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature;

- good environmental compatibility;

- high strength;

- good chemical resistance.

Titanium sheet is used in:

- Shipbuilding (propeller);

- aircraft construction (fuselage, landing gear);

- space travel (outer skin);

- housings for heat exchangers;

- Engines (various engine parts).


Nickel sheet is a flat semi-finished product made of metal nickel by rolling. Nickel can be polished very well, is ductile and can be forged. Due to its good corrosion resistance, nickel plates can be used in aggressive media. The metal has good heat resistance and heat resistance.

Nickel sheet has the following characteristics:

- excellent polishability and forgeability;

- good ductility;

- good heat resistance and heat resistance;

- ferromagnetic properties;

- high strength.

Nickel plate has the following fields of application:

- machine and apparatus construction;

- electroplating;

- chemical industry (various containers);

- shipbuilding.


Sheet brass is a semi-finished product made of copper alloy with zinc, which is manufactured by rolling. Brass is non-magnetic and does not produce sparks. The material cannot be hardened. The addition of lead and tin improves the processing properties of brass. Good corrosion resistance is achieved by adding nickel.

Brass plate is characterized by:

- good corrosion resistance;

- good strength;

- good durability;

- excellent processing properties;

- attractive appearance.

Brass sheet is used:

- in technology;

- in construction;

- for plumbing installation;

- in the furniture industry;

- for fasteners.

- in chemical plants.

Galvanized steel sheet

Galvanized sheet steel is a finished product made of steel with a thin zinc layer. Applying a thin layer of zinc protects the steel from rust. Galvanized sheet steel is magnetic and is mainly used outdoors.

Galvanized sheet steel is characterized by:

- good corrosion resistance;

- recyclability;

- low tendency to deform;

- magnetic;

- good processing properties.

Galvanized sheet steel is used:

- for roofing;

- as exterior wall cladding;

- as a lanyard;

- for containers for storage and transport of liquids.


Sheet steel is a flat rolled product made of steel. Steel plate has good ductility and deformability. It can be easily processed by machining, welding, polishing, bending and rolling. Sheet metal made of steel is extremely robust and can be reused.

Sheet steel is characterized by the following properties::

- good ductility;

- good deformability;

- good strength;

- relatively light weight;

- recyclability.

Steel plate is used:

- in construction;

- in mechanical engineering;

- in vehicle and shipbuilding;

- for the production of pipes.

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