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Round bar

Round bar

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stainless steel

Round steel is a semi-finished product processed by drawing. Depending on the type of stainless steel, round stainless steel rod can have high heat resistance or good acid resistance. In addition, some round bars are suitable for the production of food.

Round steel has the following characteristics:

- good corrosion resistance;

- good fire resistance;

- excellent strength;

- high ductility;

- long durability;

- good machining properties.

Stainless steel rod is used:

- in automobile and shipbuilding;

- in mechanical engineering;

- in construction;

- in apparatus engineering;

- in the chemical industry.


Aluminum rod is a round semi-finished product made from aluminum. Aluminum has good resistance to corrosion and excellent stability. The metal conducts electricity and heat very well. Aluminum rods are easy to weld, solder and machine.

Aluminum rod has the following properties:

- light weight;

- good resistance to corrosion;

- excellent stability;

- high electrical and thermal conductivity;

- good weldability, solderability and machinability.

Aluminum rod has established itself well in the following fields of application:

- tool making;

- Construction industry;

- vehicle and shipbuilding;

- chemical and food industries;

- Apparatus and container construction.


Copper rod is a round finished product made of metal copper. Because of its high electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is very interesting for several industries. The metal can be processed and reshaped very well. It also has a high degree of elasticity. The metal does not become brittle at low temperatures.

Copper bar has the following features:

- excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;

- very good machining properties;

- good formability;

- high elasticity;

- not brittle at low temperatures.

Round copper is used:

- Electrical engineering;

- furniture and fittings industry;

- construction;

- Mechanical engineering;

- Apparatus construction.


Titanium round rod is a round rod produced by drawing. Titanium is light in weight and has good thermal conductivity. It has high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion. The metal is stable in a wide variety of aggressive environments.

Titanium rod is characterized by:

- light weight;

- good thermal conductivity;

- high strength;

- excellent resistance to corrosion;

- high stability in most aggressive environments.

The main areas of application for titanium rods are:

- Aerospace;

- shipbuilding;

- Chemical industry;

- medical technology;

- Oil and gas industry.


Nickel rod is a round finished product made of nickel, manufactured by rolling. Nickel is characterized by good ductility and toughness. It also has high strength and good stability over a wide temperature range. Nickel rod is not susceptible to corrosion.

Nickel rod is characterized by:

- good ductility and toughness;

- high strength;

- good stability in a wide temperature range;

- Insensitivity to corrosion;

- ferromagnetism.

Nickel rod is used:

- in mechanical and plant engineering;

- in the chemical industry;

- as a catalyst;

- for pressure vessels.


Brass rod is a round semi-finished product, alloyed with copper and zinc. Brass is corrosion-resistant and very ductile. Furthermore, this delivery has a high level of wear resistance and can be recycled. Brass rod has good processing properties.

The following properties distinguish brass rods:

- good corrosion resistance;

- very high ductility;

- high wear resistance;

- can be recycled;

- good processing properties.

Brass rod is used:

- in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering;

- in apparatus engineering;

- in the food industry;

- in the watch industry;

- for fasteners.

galvanized steel

Galvanized round steel is a round finished product, coated with a thin layer of zinc. Galvanizing protects the steel from corrosion and rust. Galvanized round steel can be easily cut with an angle grinder or a hacksaw.

Galvanized round steel has the following characteristics:

- good corrosion resistance;

- good strength;

- good processing properties.

Galvanized round steel is used:

- in construction;

- as an earth electrode;

- as a fastening element in the garden.


Steel rod is a round finished product made of steel. Round bar steel is easy to weld, polish and machine. The round steel is very ductile and easily deformable. It is high-strength and has excellent stability and resilience.

Steel bar has the following features:

- good processing properties;

- very high ductility;

- easily deformable;

- high strength and resilient.

Round steel rod is used:

- in construction;

- in metal construction;

- in tool and machine construction;

- in the food industry;

- in vehicle and aircraft construction.

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