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stainless steel

Stainless steel pipe is a long hollow body. It is rust-free, resistant to aggressive media, environmentally friendly, hygienic, very ductile and durable. The most important advantage of stainless steel pipe is its versatility.

Stainless steel pipe has the following advantages:

- good corrosion resistance;

- good temperature resistance;

- good weldability;

- longevity;

- hygienic;

- low maintenance.

Due to its versatility, stainless steel pipe is widely used:

- as a transport route for liquids and gases;

- in mechanical engineering (axles, shafts);

- in the food industry;

- in the chemical industry;

- in construction.


Aluminum pipe is a long hollow body made of metal aluminum. Aluminum itself is easy to process: it can be machined, welded and bent. Aluminum pipe withstands both high and low temperatures well. This pipe is extremely resistant to corrosion and has excellent ductility.

The advantages of aluminum tubes at a glance:

- extremely corrosion resistant;

- good thermal conductivity;

- durable;

- light weight;

- good processing properties;

- good temperature resistance.

Aluminum tube is used:

- Transport of gases and liquids;

- decoration;

- furniture industry;

- ventilation systems;

- construction;

- oath oil industry;

- metal construction.


Copper pipe is a versatile finished product. Due to the high thermal conductivity, copper pipe is used for heating. Since copper has bactericidal properties, the copper pipe is also suitable for drinking water pipes. Copper has good processing properties.

Copper pipe has the following features:

- excellent thermal conductivity;

- can be processed well;

- bactericidal properties;

- resistant to temperature fluctuations;

- recyclable.

Copper pipe is used:

- for heating;

- for gas pipe;

- for drinking water installations;

- for various ventilation systems.


Titanium tube is a hollow finished product made from titanium and its alloys. Titanium tube impresses with its low weight, high chemical stability, excellent strength and high resistance to corrosion. Titanium has a good operating temperature range and is therefore indispensable for air conditioning systems.

Titanium tube has the following properties:

- light weight;

- high chemical resistance;

- high strength;

- high corrosion resistance;

- good heat resistance.

Titanium pipe is used in the following areas:

- cryogenics;

- Chemical industry;

- petroleum industry;

- space travel;

- nuclear technology.


Nickel tube is a very chemically stable finished product. Nickel tube is good corrosion and high temperature resistant. This metal is characterized by high mechanical strength, insensitivity to a large number of acids and resistance to intergranular corrosion.

Nickel tube has the following properties:

- good corrosion and high temperature resistance;

- high mechanical strength;

- Insensitivity to a large number of acids;

- Resistance to intergranular corrosion.

The main areas of application for nickel tube are:

- Food industry;

- chemical industry;

- nuclear technology;

- Manufacture of capacitors.


Brass tube is a round semi-finished product made from a copper-zinc alloy. Brass pipe has a high conductivity and is very resistant. Brass offers good resistance to magnetism and is hygienic. Brass pipe is sturdy and resistant to deformation.

Brass tube has the following features:

- high conductivity;

- very resistant;

- good resistance to magnetism;

- hygienic;

- resistant to deformation;

- robust.

Brass pipe is used:

- in model making;

- for fittings;

- in the furniture industry;

- For decoration.

galvanized steel

Galvanized steel pipe is a round pipe with a thin layer of zinc. Zinc layer protects the pipe against rust and further corrosion. Galvanized steel pipe is very stable, magnetizable and has a low weight. It is useful for both outdoor and indoor use.

Galvanized steel pipe is characterized by:

- good corrosion resistance;

- high stability;

- magnetism;

- light weight.

Galvanized steel pipe is in demand in:

- heating systems;

- pipeline construction;

- railing construction;

- ventilation system;

- furniture industry;

- Manufacture of fittings.


Steel pipe is a hollow body with a circular cross-section. Round tube steel can be used extremely versatile. This type of pipe can be processed well: welding, bending, machining and polishing. The steel tube has good strength and is quite durable.

Steel pipe has the following properties:

- high strength;

- good processing properties;

- good longevity;

- offers good resilience;

- can be reused.

Round tube steel has the following areas of application:

- pipeline;

- Construction (structural elements);

- Mechanical, aircraft and shipbuilding;

- furniture manufacturing.

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